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Trump Triples Down On His Hurricane Insanity By Tweeting Out Week-Old Map Of Dorian’s Path

Donald Trump continued to amp up the crazy on Wednesday by tweeting out another useless hurricane forecast map in a flimsy attempt to justify his Twitter prediction that Hurricane Dorian was going hit Alabama.

Instead of admitting he was wrong in his initial tweet and the altered hurricane forecast he shared on Wednesday, Trump tripled down and posted a week-old map from the South Florida Water Management District website.

Even this latest map shows that Alabama really wasn’t predicted to get hammered by Hurricane Dorian, despite Trump’s nonstop efforts to push that fantasy.

Not to mention, as CNN White House correspondent Abby Phillip pointed out, the graphic isn’t just old, but it states explicitly that “the National Hurricane Center info supersedes” anything shown on the graphic.

It should be noted that despite the president’s pathetic attempts to make it seem like he was right about his Alabama prediction, the National Weather Service has already refuted the claim.

Meanwhile, real lives will be impacted by the storm

While Donald Trump openly fantasizes about Hurricane Dorian hitting Alabama, real lives are at stake as the storm continues its path up the U.S. coast.

As CNN reports, the National Hurricane Center is warning that Dorian could make landfall in the Carolinas. Instead of focusing his energy there, the president continues to defend his initial Alabama screw-up.

Ultimately, it drives Donald Trump absolutely insane that he is (accurately) viewed as the biggest buffoon to ever hold the presidency. He cares more about fighting that narrative than protecting those who are actually in the path of a powerful storm.

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