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Trump Trashes Doctors And Experts While Vowing To “Reopen” US Economy During Coronavirus

Trump trashed the advice of doctors and disease experts as he wants to reopen the economy while the coronavirus outbreak surges in the US.

Trump was asked if his medical experts agree with him on loosening the coronavirus restrictions, and he answered:

We spoke to them today and I was telling them that we have two things to look forward — don’t forget, the doctors, if it were up to the doctors, they would say let’s keep it shut down, let’s shut down the entire world, because again, you’re up to almost 150 countries. So let’s shut down the entire world and when we shut it down, that will be wonderful, and let’s keep it shut for a couple of years, you know we can’t do that, and you can’t do that with a country, especially the number one economy anywhere in the world by far. Number one economy in the world. You can’t do that.

It causes bigger problems than the original. That’s why I talk about the cure being worse than the problem. We can’t have the cure be worse than the problem. But what we have done — so this is not retracing. This is not — we’ve done it really well, because this two-week period has been good.

And I’m not saying it ends at that time, we have another seven days or so, I’m not saying it ends at that time. I’m saying it’s been like this incredible learning process. That’s going to go into the future. That’s going to go even as we open up our country. And we’re going to be watching New York and we’re going to be watching California, we’re going to be watching the state of Washington, and other places, Illinois is becoming a hotspot. And we can do — we can do both. Now, we may quarantine — we will be quarantining many people in these areas. There are other areas that just aren’t affected or they’re affected very little. And why would we close down 100% of the country?

Video of Trump:

The idea that there are parts of the country that haven’t been affected by the coronavirus is a lie.

Trump is ignoring the advice from doctors and experts and is going to ease the restrictions because he is trying to avoid a recession that will end his presidency. What he refuses to comprehend is that the medical crisis is going to cause a recession that will end his presidency.

Trump could kill thousands more Americans because he is more worried about winning a second term than protecting public health.

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