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Trump Is Worried The Coronavirus Will Cost Him The Election

Privately, Trump is worried that a US coronavirus outbreak will slow down the economy and cost him the election.

Politico reported:

The Trump administration is bracing for a possible coronavirus outbreak in the United States that could sicken thousands — straining the government’s public health response and threatening an economic slowdown in the heat of President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign.


“The biggest current threat to the president’s reelection is this thing getting out of control and creating a health and economic impact,” said Chris Meekins, a Raymond James financial analyst and former Trump administration HHS emergency-preparedness official.

It is revealing that Trump is worried about a virus outbreak not because of what it could do to public health, but the impact that it would have on his reelection campaign. Trump is more worried about bad economic numbers than Americans getting sick and dying.

Trump brags, boasts, and blusters, but he understands that his margin for error is close to zero. If the economy slips, Trump could be toast. Trump is running on economic numbers. He doesn’t care about people. He just wants to have a nice looking number that he thinks he can campaign on.

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