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Trump Humiliated As Just 18 Supporters Show Up To Protest Nevada Mail-In Voting


The Chair of the Republican National Committee claimed that Trump supporters were out in full force in Nevada, as she tweeted a picture with 18 people in it.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel tweeted this pic as a show of “strength:”


Trump had a meltdown between Saturday night and Sunday morning and posted 51 tweets or mentions calling for immediate litigation to stop Nevada’s expanded mail-in voting.

MSNBC’s Chris Jansing tweeted:

Trump, the Republican Party, and conservative media are freaking out because expanded mail-in voting means that Nevada might not be in play for Donald Trump. The Trump campaign is already every suing county in Pennsylvania to undo the state’s expanded mail-in voting. Pennsylvania is a double whammy for Trump because ballots can be dropped off or mailed in, so slowing down the mail won’t stop Pennsylvania mail-in voting.

Republicans don’t want more people to vote, because a bigger electorate equals defeat for Donald Trump.

Trump spent nearly nine and a half hours trying to rally his supporters, and the best that the RNC can tweet out is a picture of eighteen supporters.

The humiliations are piling up for Trump.

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