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Trump Has Made At Least $1.6 Million Off Of Presidential Visits To His Private Clubs

Trump is literally making millions of dollars from his 126 visits to his private clubs and properties as president.

The Washington Post reported:

About one-third of all the political fundraisers or donor meetings that Trump has attended — 23 out of 63 — have taken place at his own properties, according to the Post analysis of federal campaign finance records and the president’s public schedule. Campaign finance records show several Republican groups paying to hold events where Trump spoke. GOP fundraisers say they do that, in part, to increase the chances Trump will attend.


The actual amount of money Trump has received as a result of his visits and campaign events is probably much higher than the $1.6 million The Post identified. That’s because most of the records available about government spending date to the first half of 2017 — covering just the first few months of Trump’s presidency so far. And the records of campaign spending don’t account for other revenue that Trump may have made off campaign events, including overnight stays by donors attending the event.

Trump is lining his pockets with taxpayer money

The $1.6 million estimate only covers the first few months of the Trump presidency, so the amount of money that the president has made off of his trips could be exponentially more than what has been reported. Taxpayers are being ripped off. House Democrats have legislation that would prevent the federal government from spending any money at Trump properties. The costs of these trips are astronomical. The taxpayers are paying for travel, security, golf cart rental, and other associated expenses.

Trump is using the presidency as a personal ATM.

Beyond the terrible policies, horrible judgment, and poor decisionmaking is basic graft and corruption. The way that Trump is robbing the taxpayers should be a crime, and one of the lessons for Congress is that they must put safeguards in place that will never allow a president to personally profit off of the presidency again.

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