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Trump Has A Texas Sized Meltdown And Says Democrats Will Get Rid Of Cows


Trump turned his taxpayer-funded speech in Texas into an illegal campaign rally where he claimed that Democrats want to get rid of cows.

Trump said, “I don’t know. I haven’t checked recently what have they done with cows? Remember, there were going to be no more cows and no more cattle? I think they might have left that off the manifesto, but it will be back.”



What is up with Trump in this speech? He looks like he has been kept under a sunlamp at a fast-food restaurant for the last eight hours. Democrats aren’t coming to take away America’s cows.

Trump is losing and losing badly to Joe Biden, so he is grasping at anything he can to try to find an attack line that will resonate and stick with voters. Trump even referred to the Democratic platform as a manifesto, as if anyone is going to believe that Joe Biden is some raging left-wing socialist.

It is almost painful to watch Trump try to twist his Bernie Sanders playbook to fit Joe Biden.

Democrats aren’t interested in taking your cows, but Donald Trump has taken your job, your freedom, and your way of life by completely mismanaging the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump is desperate and flailing, but none of these attacks are working on Joe Biden.

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