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Trump Claims He Can’t Stop His Racist Supporters From Chanting Send Her Back

Trump refused to stop the chant and claimed that he couldn’t stop his supporters from chanting send her back at his rallies.

Transcript via The White House as provided to PolliticusUSA:

Q Mr. President, in Cincinnati, at your rally tonight, are you prepared to tell your supporters to stop if they begin chanting something problematic?

THE PRESIDENT: I don’t know what’s going to happen. I can tell you this: I’m going to Cincinnati. The arena is a very large one. And we’ve sold it out. We could sell it out probably 10 times, from what I hear. The applications for seats, as you know — never had an empty seat — the applications are very big. I have no idea.

We have a great group of people. They love our country. They love the job we’re doing. And when they see the kind of people that want to represent us from the last two nights, that’s not what they want.

I don’t know — I can’t tell you whether or not they’re going to do that chant. If they do the chant, we’ll have to see what happens.

Q Will you stop it, sir? You think you will?

THE PRESIDENT: I don’t know that you can stop people. I don’t know that you can. I mean, we’ll see what we can do. I’d prefer that they don’t, but if they do it, we’ll have to make a decision then.

Q Mr. President, do you have a message — do you have a message for them now, like before they go in?

THE PRESIDENT: I do have a message. My message is for the people I’m going to — so, we had over 100,000 applications for whatever the size of the — I think it’s a 14,000-seat arena. But we’re way over a hundred and — I think 122,000 applications for those seats.

You know what my message is? I love them. And I think they love me.

Q So your message is not “don’t do this”?

THE PRESIDENT: I actually think they love me.


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Trump won’t tell his supporters not to chant send her back, because the send her back chant was planned. Send her back is the new lock her up. Trump wants to run the same campaign that he ran in 2016, so the goal is to stick to the same format but add some new twists to the old racism.

Donald Trump could stop the send her back chant. However, his answer makes it clear that the chants are part of his reelection plan.

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