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Trump Announces He’s Throwing Himself A 4th of July Party During A Pandemic

Trump used the coronavirus task force briefing to announce that he is throwing himself a 4th of July party on the National Mall.

Trump said:

The Thunderbirds and the Blue Angels crews who wanted to show support to the American medical workers who just like military members in a time of war are fiercely running toward the fight. It’s going to be great. I want to see those shows. I’ve seen them many times and I can’t get enough of them.

And on July 4th, we’ll be doing what we had at the mall, as you know. Last year was a tremendous success. And I would imagine we’ll do it. Hopefully, I can use the term forever. That was a great success, as you remember, even though it was pouring. It was raining so hard. It was raining about as hard as I’ve seen in a while. But it was an amazing success. Didn’t bother the pilots. Didn’t bother the military. Didn’t bother the crews we had there. We’re going to be doing it again on July 4th.


The nation is in the middle of a pandemic where people are prohibited from gathering at large events and Trump is publicly planning a 4th of July party on the National Mall during a press briefing that is supposed to be about the coronavirus.

Trump is incapable of displaying the leadership that is necessary during a crisis for even a second. The President has convinced himself that the coronavirus is going away and will not come back, even though experts have warned that large gatherings like sporting events, concerts, and even presidential Fourth of July parties may not return until 2021.

Donald Trump is showing the depths of his self-absorbed delusion.

Americans are dying. There is no coronavirus vaccine, and Trump is announcing his Fourth of July party.

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