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Tantruming Trump To Issue An Executive Order Against Twitter

The White House has announced that Trump will sign an executive order on social media, even though executive orders have no power over social media.

Kaitlin Collins of CNN reported:

Executive orders are not legislation. Their influence is limited to members of the Executive Branch and the implementation of policy. There isn’t an executive order that Trump could sign that would cause any damage or harm to Twitter or any other social media company.

Any executive order that Trump issues regarding social media will be worthless. Trump could ban Executive Branch employees from using Twitter, but that would be a punchline, not a punishment because Trump himself would have to stop tweeting, which is never going to happen.

Congress isn’t going to pass legislation regarding social media companies, and without a change in the law, there is nothing Trump can do beyond stomping his feet and using Twitter to threaten Twitter.

As Joe Biden leads America during a pandemic, Trump is plotting revenge because Twitter had the nerve to fact check his misinformation.

More than 100,000 Americans have died from the coronavirus, and Trump is obsessed with punishing Twitter.

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