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Susan Collins Is Headed For Disaster As Just 37% Of Mainers Approve Of Her Job Performance

Maine Sen. Susan Collins (R) appears to be headed for electoral disaster in November as just 37 percent of voters in the state approve of her job performance, according to a new poll.

The survey from Critical Insights shows that Collins’ approval rating has fallen five points since last fall, with 52 percent of Mainers disapproving of the work she’s doing.

Bangor Daily News reports, “The poll showed a further drop in approval for Republican Sen. Susan Collins since last fall, from 42 percent to 37 percent, while the share of voters who disapproved of her performance climbed to 52 percent, though her approval rating with Republican voters continued to rise.”

Earlier this year, a poll showed that Sen. Collins is the most unpopular senator in the entire country.

Collins is going down with Donald Trump

When Susan Collins voted to confirm Justice Brett Kavanaugh in the fall of 2018 and to acquit Donald Trump earlier this year, she forever aligned herself with the most corrupt and unfit president in history.

This poll shows that she is paying a price for hitching her wagon to Trump as her approval numbers are following the same southward trajectory as the president.

According to the survey, Trump’s approval in the state stands at a dismal 36 percent, about the same number that approve of Collins.

Meanwhile, non-Trump aligned officials in the state are seeing their numbers surge since last fall. Democratic Gov. Janet Mills’s approval standings at a strong 60 percent and Independent Sen. Angus King’s approval stands at 59 percent.

There are still seven long months until voters cast their ballots in Maine and across the country, but it appears that Susan Collins’ spineless refusal to stand up to Donald Trump is going to cost her a U.S. Senate seat.

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