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Steve Schmidt Warns The Sociopath (Trump) Will Beat The Socialist (Sanders)

Steve Schmidt said that Democrats have a responsibility to nominate a candidate who can repudiate Trumpism and he warned the sociopath will beat the socialist.

Schmidt said, “We have two major political parties in this country. And we’ve seen the wholesale corruption of the Republican party. We’ve seen it emulate over these last couple of years. Become a principle less vessel. So the Democratic Party is called, in my view, at this hour too, be the sentinel of American democracy, as an institution, it has an awesome responsibility in this moment of time and that’s to put a candidate forward who can repudiate Trumpism and beat Donald Trump in November.”

The former Republican strategist concluded, “So, I think the angst is properly placed, considering a Sanders candidacy. Whether Democrats in Iowa believe socialism is better than capitalism or not, the country we live in, the United States of America, my view is the capitalist beats the socialist all days of the week and twice on November.”


The Iowa caucus isn’t representative of the Democratic Party. It is an anomaly whose results will be dissected and overanalyzed for days to come. Bernie Sanders has to win Iowa. There is so much pressure and hype built into his Iowa result by progressives that anything less than a clear win would be a loss.

Schmidt has a point. Trump and the Republicans are aching to run against Bernie Sanders for a reason. Trump has defined Sanders as a “communist.” If Sanders were the Democratic nominee he would start a general election campaign on the defensive.

Bernie Sanders should win Iowa, but Democrats need to take the responsibility to nominate the best possible candidate to beat Trump seriously.

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