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Senate Passes Bipartisan Resolution To Limit Trump’s Iran War Powers

The Senate has passed a War Powers Resolution that would limit Trump’s ability to launch a war with Iran without congressional approval.

The New York Times reported:

The Senate voted on Thursday to require President Trump seek congressional authorization before taking further military action against Iran, as Democrats joined forces with several Republicans to try to rein in the president’s war-making powers weeks after he escalated hostilities with Tehran.

The bipartisan vote, 55 to 45, amounted to a rare attempt by the Senate to restrain Mr. Trump’s authority just over a week after it voted to acquit him of impeachment charges, and nearly six weeks after the president moved without authorization from Congress to kill a top Iranian security commander.

The resolution fell short of the 67 votes that will be needed to override a Trump veto that is certain to happen, but the message being sent was clear. If Trump tries to start a war with Iran, he is going to meet with bipartisan congressional disapproval.

Trump has moved on to getting revenge for his impeachment and wrecking the DOJ but if he finds himself in trouble during the election, he will be tempted to try to turn himself into a wartime president. This vote by the Senate is a warning shot that is telling him not to even think about it.

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