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Pelosi Devastates Trump For Blocking Expanded Unemployment Benefits


Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Americans who had their extended unemployment benefits expire to talk to Donald Trump.

When asked on ABC’s This Week what she would tell Americans whose extended benefits have expired, Speaker Pelosi said, ” I say talk to president trump. He’s the one standing in the way for that. We’ve been for the $600. They have a $200 proposal which doesn’t meet the needs of America’s working families. It’s a condescension quite frankly, because they’re saying really don’t need it. They’re just staying home because they make more money at $600, so the idea that they made a proposal is really not actually factual.”



Speaker Pelosi is correct. The House passed the HEROES Act months ago, and Mitch McConnell’s Senate Republicans did nothing. McConnell has been saying publicly since May that the expanded unemployment benefits would not be back. Trump has wanted unemployment benefits cut and his White House negotiated the current Republican bill with McConnell.

It is completely false to claim that Republicans are acting in good faith. If Trump wanted the expanded $600/week to continue, Republicans would line up and do it.

This is all on Trump, and the efforts to blame Democrats for his lack of compassion and incompetence are failing.

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