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Nicolle Wallace Calls Out Rep. Mark Meadows History Of Racism

Nicolle Wallace played two clips of Rep. Mark Meadows to demonstrate that the Republican congressman is a card-carrying member of the racist birther movement.

Rep. Meadows (R-NC) was outraged over suggestions of his racism during the Michael Cohen hearing, but Nicolle Wallace showed that Meadows has a years-long history of trafficking in racism.

Wallace said, “Congressman mark meadows, outraged after his behavior during Michael Cohen’s public testimony was called racist. His track record suggests it might not be such a reach. Listen to what he says a few years back about President Obama.”

She then played clips of Meadows saying:

“2012 is the time we’re going to send Mr. Obama home to Kenya or wherever it is. We’re going to do it.”

“If we’re doing our job from a harassment standpoint, we won’t have to worry about it. We’ll send him back home to Kenya or wherever it is.”

Wallace continued, “Send him back to Kenya. He’s not from Kenya. I think he knows basic the most racist thing that sort of went on, on the right. I used to spend some time the right, was this birther movement. He seems like a card-carrying member way back when. And we didn’t catch it by accident. We took ten minutes and found two clips.”


Long before Donald Trump, racism was the Republican Party’s get out the vote strategy against Obama. Everyone knew what the birther conspiracy that Donald Trump built his political base was really about. Republicans were trying to turn the black man in the White House into an illegitimate president.

Rep. Meadows knew that Obama wasn’t from Kenya, but he also knew that going birther was good politics for a House Republican. It fired up the base.

Mark Meadows doesn’t get to be outraged when he gets called out for his racism. As Nicolle Wallace showed, the fact is that Meadows has spent years building is a career on racism.

If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, and tells Obama to go back to Kenya, then it’s probably a racist.

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