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New Poll Shows Pelosi Is Crushing Trump On The Shutdown

A new poll shows that the American people support Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s position on the shutdown over Donald Trump’s by a 47%-35% margin.

According to the latest CBS News poll:

Trump hasn’t been able to convince anyone outside of his base that the wall is worth the government shutdown. In the same CBS Poll, respondents said by more than a 2 to 1 margin (66%-31) that they wanted Trump to agree to a budget with no wall funding. Trump has lost the messaging war on the shutdown for a simple reason; most Americans don’t want the wall. Trump has saddled himself and his party with a crisis caused by an unpopular policy.

Speaker Pelosi is winning because she didn’t shut the government down, and has no demands. All that she wants is for the government to be opened up so that people can go back to work.

Trump has lost the PR battle, and with each day that the shutdown continues, the hole that he is digging gets even deeper.

Pelosi has no reason to negotiate with Trump

Democrats are right. If they give Trump anything on this shutdown, he will be back in six months asking for more, which is why Pelosi won’t give in to Trump’s political blackmail. Democrats don’t have any demands, so there is nothing to negotiate over. Trump is holding the country hostage for his wall, so it is Trump who will have to decide how he is going to end the crisis that he created.

Speaker Pelosi, Leader Schumer, and Congressional Democrats aren’t going to bail Trump out.

Pelosi and the Democrats are crushing Trump, and the president knows that the only way out is to reopen the government.

Democrats aren’t going to negotiate with a presidential terrorist.

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