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Microsoft is adding a button in Chromium Edge to show your password when you type it

While Microsoft has been publicly testing its new Chromium-based Edge browser since April, one feature that’s been in the company’s browsers for a long time, but hasn’t made it into the new one is the show password button. But there’s good news, as a new commit to Chromium from a Microsoft engineer will bring the feature to the new Edge, as spotted by Chrome Story.

Of course, it’s going into Chromium, which means that it will be supported on all Chromium-based browsers. That includes Chrome, Brave, Vivaldi, and many more.

The feature will look like a little eye in the password textbox. Clicking it will reveal the hidden characters of your password, allowing you to see what you’re typing. Naturally, this won’t work for stored passwords that use autofill, only for those that you typed yourself.

According to 9to5Google, we’re past the feature freeze date for Chromium 77, the version of Chromium that Edge and Chrome are using in the Canary channels. That means that the earliest we’ll see this feature will be in Chromium 78.

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