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Kamala Harris Triggers A Wednesday Trump Racist Self-Destruction


Trump went on a racist tirade on Twitter, where he overtly attempted to terrify suburban white women into voting for him in November.

Trump tweeted:


Low-income housing is racist code for African-Americans. The fact that Trump believes that there is a wave of suburban housewives in America is enough to disqualify him from the 2020 election. This isn’t 1955. This is going to come as a shock to Trump but the number of stay at home moms has hovered at 25%-28% since 1989. The number of stay at home dads is increasing.

Trump is speaking to a voting bloc that is mostly a figment of his imagination. Kamala Harris raised more money from women than from men during her presidential campaign. Trump thinks that white women are scared and looking for a white man to protect them from African-Americans moving into their neighborhoods.

It is sad that America has a president who believes that its people are as racist as he is.

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