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Joe Biden Is The Only Democrat With A Clear Advantage Over Trump In New Poll

The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll found that former Vice President Joe Biden is the only Democratic candidate who has a clear lead and advantage over Trump.

oe Biden Looks Like The Candidate Who Can Beat Trump

According to The Washington Post:

Among registered voters, only Biden emerges with a clear advantage, leading Trump by 53 percent to 43 percent. Trump runs very close against Harris (46 percent Trump, 48 percent Harris) and Sanders (48 percent Trump, 49 percent Sanders), and he runs even against Warren (both at 48 percent) and Buttigieg (both at 47 percent).


Arrayed against Trump are 36 percent of registered voters who never support Trump in the matchups and say it is “extremely important” that the president not win a second term. That rises to 43 percent when those who say it is “very important” that Trump not be reelected are added to those consistent anti-Trump voters.

Biden’s lead over Trump is built in part on stronger support among independent voters and among self-identified moderates. He enjoys a seven-point edge among independents, while the other Democrats are even or trailing Trump with those voters. Among moderates, Biden has a 28-point advantage over the president, significantly more than any of the other Democrats tested.

This poll is a reminder that liberals and conservatives won’t decide the 2020 election. Moderates and Independents are going to be voters who determine the next president. While Democrats squabble over 40-year-old busing debates and Medicare For All, what matters most is who can appeal to moderates and Independents.

Even after the first presidential debate, that candidate appears to be remain to be Joe Biden. The former vice president had a bad a debate, but he is the clear frontrunner, and if Democratic voters make their decision in the primary based on who they think can beat Donald Trump, Joe Biden will be in a strong position to be the Democratic nominee.

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