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Jen Psaki Made Fox News’s $1.6 Billion Bad Day Much Worse

Fox News’s Peter Doocy tried to create a conspiracy theory that President Biden is excluding them from questions, but Press Secretary Psaki shut it down.


Doocy asked, “We noted, starting at the end of the campaign and into the transition and at the white house, anytime the president has an event where he is given a list that he has reporters to call on but is the only member of the five network TV pool that has never been on the list in front of the president, and I am curious if that is official administration policy?”

Psaki wasn’t having any of it.

She said, “We’re here having a conversation, aren’t we?”

Doocy stammered, “Yes, but.”

Psaki continued, “And do I take questions from you every time you come to the briefing room?”

Doocy again, “Yes, but”

Psaki pressed on, “Has the president taken questions from you since he came into office, yes or no?”

Doocy feebly said, “Unfortunately, only when I’ve shouted after he goes through his whole list, and the president has been very generous with his time with Fox. I’m just curious about this list that he’s given.”

The Press Secretary ended the exchange with, “I would just say that the president has taken your questions, and I’m looking forward to doing Fox News Sunday for the third time in the last few months.”

It is not a coincidence that Fox News is suddenly upset about this “list” on the same day that they were sued by Dominion Voting Systems for lying to their viewers about the election being stolen from Donald Trump.

Fox News is worried that their viewers are going to catch on to the fact that they are being lied to, so they went back to one of the nation’s foundational tentpoles of propaganda that people in power are biased against them.

Psaki shut it right down and showed the old Fox News aren’t going to work with this administration, and that point made Fox’s bad day even worse.

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