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Howard Dean Tells The Trump Family To Get Ready For Indictments And Jail Time

Former Vermont governor and DNC chair Howard Dean said that he expects indictments and jail time for members of Donald Trump’s family – no matter what happens with the special counsel investigation.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Ari Melber, Dean said that regardless of whether Robert Mueller’s report shows conclusive evidence of a conspiracy with Russia, the “stench” of Trump family corruption will not go away.

“I don’t see a big change in the status quo,” the former governor said. “I do think there are a number of people going to jail. And I wouldn’t rule out Donald Jr.”


The exchange between Melber and Dean:

MELBER: Governor Dean, big picture. And if there is, quote, unquote, no election conspiracy, no collusion, what do you take from this? Is the Democrats’ argument yeah, okay, there wasn’t an international Watergate election conspiracy, there was just a ton of felonies by all the top people Trump picked?

DEAN: I don’t think the stench of the Trump family corruption is going to go away no matter what happens. I think if he gets indicted or if many of his people get indicted, there may be impeachment hearings depending on how muh evidence there is. But Trump’s label is now corruption. And his base is going to love him anyway and everybody else is going to hate him. And I don’t see a big change in the status quo. I do think there are a number of people going to jail. And I wouldn’t rule out Donald Jr.

Given the indictments, court filings, guilty pleas and endless lies from the Trump team about their communications with Russia, it’s hard to envision a scenario in which the Mueller report isn’t at least somewhat damning to the president and his corrupt circle of family and aides.

As PoliticusUSA’s Jason Easley noted on Wednesday, the report could be completed as early as next week. While there isn’t an exact timeline for the release, it’s clear that Mueller’s investigation is just about over.

The key remaining question is whether the report will be made available to the public so the country can see the truth about the president’s ties to a foreign adversary.

If the document isn’t made public by Trump’s new attorney general William Barr, not only will Democrats in Congress raise hell but the American people will take to the streets to demand its release.

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