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House Democrats Tell Trump There Will Be No Wall Money In New Deal

Rep. Adriano Espaillat (D-NY) said that House Democrats are united in giving no money for his wall in the next government funding bill.

Rep. Espaillat said when asked about money for the wall, “No money for the wall we’re a no on the wall we think it’s a medieval answer to a modern dynamic that is worldwide in scope immigration is not only a United States issue it’s an issue across the world. It’s the have and the have nots and we want to be smart how to address that.”


As Trump chief of staff Mick Mulvaney was spinning tall tales about dozens of Democrats supporting the wall, real Democrats, not the ones Mulvaney imagined are saying that the House majority is a no on the wall. The wall will not be happening. Trump is going to have to declare an emergency, and then get sued if he wants to build a wall.

The reality is that Trump could be out of office before any court cases about his declaration of a national emergency would be decided. A national emergency isn’t a viable option. Trump needs Congress to give him the money. Democrats in the House aren’t going to vote for any wall money, so if Trump shuts down the government again, it will be all on him.

The wall is never going to be. If Trump wants his wall, he should head to Mexico and try to get a check, because America is not footing the bill for his campaign promise.

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