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Google Maps will let you combine public transit with ridesharing and cycling directions

If you use public transit to get to work (or anywhere else), chances are it doesn’t get quite where you need to be in one go, and you may need to walk or find another way to get from your stop to your actual destination. It looks like Google has plans to make this a little easier with a new option to combine public transportation with ridesharing options – such as Uber – or cycling directions.

Google Maps could already combine public transit directions with driving and walking, but those options may not always be suitable for your needs.

Adding ridesharing services and cycling options to the experience should give users some more flexibility while also providing a more accurate estimated time of arrival. For those that use ridesharing services, all the usual options are available, so you can choose rides that are cheaper or faster based on your needs.

Google says the feature will be rolling out to users on Android and iOS in over 30 countries over the next few weeks, with expanded availability coming later on. Google Maps is bundled with Android devices, but if you’re on iOS, you can get the app here.

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