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Fox News Employee Hospitalized For Coronavirus After The Network Spent Weeks Calling It A Hoax

Some of the most prominent voices at Fox News spent weeks promoting the dangerous myth that the coronavirus was a hoax that posed little threat to the American people, but now an employee of the network is hospitalized after testing positive for the virus.

According to The Hill, “Fox News announced in an internal memo obtained by The Hill that an employee in its Washington, D.C. bureau has tested positive for the novel coronavirus and is currently hospitalized.”

More from the report:

“As soon as we learned of the test result, we contacted all staff who may have been impacted and mandated that the employee’s direct co-workers/team begin self-quarantining for the appropriate period of time since last contact at the direction of our medical professionals,” wrote Bryan Boughton, Senior Vice President of the Fox News Washington Bureau. “We have been deep cleaning all areas affected and will be continuing all disinfecting efforts throughout the entire bureau.”

“We are fully supporting the employee and wishing them a smooth recovery,” Boughton continues. “As [Fox News Media CEO] Suzanne [Scott] has said from day one of this crisis, the health and safety of our employees and their families is our number one concern.”

Despite the constant downplaying by Fox News, the network’s employee is one of hundreds of thousands of Americans who have tested positive for the virus.

As of this writing, nearly 400,000 Americans are infected and almost 13,000 have died from the virus – hardly a hoax.

Fox News is facing lawsuits over its coronavirus lies

The coronavirus coverage on Fox News wasn’t some harmless political spin job; it likely risked the health and wellbeing of millions of Americans.

As Vanity Fair reported this week,  “A mid-March poll conducted by Survey 160 and Gradient Metrics … revealed that Americans who tune into Fox News are more likely to ignore Centers for Disease Control advisories to stay at home than both non-Fox-watching Republicans and Democrats.”

Convincing its audience to ignore the health experts and listen to folks like Sean Hannity didn’t just have the potential to hurt Fox News viewers. It also potentially put at risk anyone who interacted with those people.

Now, Fox News is lawyering up as they prepare to be slammed by a wave of lawsuits over their stream of dangerous coronavirus lies and conspiracy theories.

Sadly, the damage is already done.

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