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Former Congressman Blows The Lid Off Of Trump’s Cover-Up By Showing Easy It Would Be To Give Congress The Mueller Report

Former Rep. David Jolly showed how simple it would be for the DOJ to give Congress access to the full Mueller report.

Jolly tweeted:

There are no “security concerns” stopping the Justice Department providing Congress access to the full Mueller report. The real reason why Barr won’t give Congress full access to the report is that it will be damaging for Donald Trump.

It would also be fascinating to have a written record of who signed in to read the report versus those members who never read the report, but went on cable news to spin partisan talking points.

House Democrats are going to sue to get access to the Mueller report, and they will win. The game that the DOJ is playing is part of Trump’s effort to distract and delay Congress from seeing the report until after the 2020 election.

It is all an effort to hide the truth because the truth has the potential to end Donald Trump’s presidency.

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