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Edge Canary now lets you send tabs and links to other devices

The Chromium-based Edge browser is getting the ability to send tabs and links from one device to another using the same Microsoft account, as spotted by Reddit user Leopeva64-2. While Edge can currently sync open tabs and browser history across devices, this feature is a more immediate way to open those tabs on another device without going through the history menu.

The feature is already in Edge Canary, both on desktop devices and the recently-released Android version. If you’re on a PC; you can right-click a link or open tab and choose and find the option to send it to another device. You can also share your current active page by clicking the address bar and then the “send this page” icon, which will appear next to the QR code icon.

Screenshots showing the option to send links to other devices in Edge Canary

On Android, you can tap the Share button from the Edge menu at the bottom or press and hold on a link, then choose Share. The Share menu will include a new “Send to your devices” option, which you can use to do the same thing, but the other way around. Once you choose a device to share with, a notification is sent to that other device, and clicking it immediately opens the page.

It’s possible that the feature isn’t available to everyone just yet, or there may be a limit to how many devices can use the same Microsoft account right now. In my testing, I was able to use the feature on one laptop and one phone, but another laptop isn’t showing the option. It’s likely we’ll see more about it once it’s more broadly available.

This feature bears some resemblance to the Continue on PC feature that Microsoft offers as part of the Your Phone app for Windows 10/Your Phone Companion for Android. With that, you can only send tabs from your phone to your PC, not the other way around, but you have the option to send a notification or open the page automatically on the other device. However, if you don’t need all the other features of the Your Phone app, this could be a more straightforward and capable way of roaming across devices.

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