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Doctor Goes On Fox News And Blasts Trump For Pushing ‘Quack’ Coronavirus Cures

A doctor went on Donald Trump’s favorite propaganda network on Monday and slammed the president for promoting the anti-malaria drug, hydroxychloroquine, as a treatment for coronavirus.

“It’s sad to me that people are promoting that drug,” said Dr. William Haseltine, chair and president of Access Health International. “In any situation, there are always going to be people who promote one kind of quack cure or another, and there are Lazarus effects.”

The doctor warned that some people could face “life-threatening” consequences if they use the treatment without a prescription from their doctor.

“It is irresponsible to promote this drug at this time,” he said.


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Dr. Haseltine said:

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It’s sad to me that people are promoting that drug. We know already from studies: at best it will have a very mild effect, at very best. There are studies that conflict a little bit one from the other. One concludes it has no effect, the other concludes it has a mild effect. The net result is whatever effect it has, it will be very mild. That drug has been used for years against many other viruses to no effect. The thing that makes me sad about that story is some people may take it who are on other medications, who have other underlying conditions, and may have very serious – even life threatening – consequences. It is not something to take unless a doctor prescribes it. … That is nonsense. Complete and utter nonsense. And in any situation, there are always going to be people who promote one kind of quack cure or another and there are Lazarus effects. In every epidemic I’ve ever looked at it, it’s always the case. Let me just repeat: We know that at very best this drug will have a very mild effect on changing the course of the disease, if it has any effect at all. That is what the data has shown so far and I am convinced that that’s what further studies will show. And it’s not without adverse consequence. It is irresponsible to promote this drug at this time.

Meanwhile, Trump and Giuliani continue to promote the quack drug

While medical experts call hydroxychloroquine a quack treatment that could cause death in some cases, Donald Trump and his personal science adviser, Rudy Giuliani, have been promoting it as a miracle cure.

In his coronavirus briefing on Sunday, Trump even told the American people that they should go out and get a prescription for the drug. That comes as Giuliani has been privately pushing the treatment in one-on-one phone calls with the president.

At the end of the day, the American people should tune out these daily clown shows at the White House and listen to the medical experts.

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