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Democrats Are Going There And Investigating Trump’s Finances

The powerful chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) said on Sunday that he wants to see an investigation of Trump’s finances.

Transcript via CBS’s Face The Nation:

BOB SCHIEFFER: What intrigued you most about this report? What do you think needs to be investigated now?

REP. CUMMINGS: Oh my God, I- I think we need- we need to look at the finances of this president that- I think we need to look at what he knew, what we, with regard to the firing and of various people, we need to- to know what, why Mr. Barr gave us a- a one-sided summary which has almost no resemblance to what’s actually in the report. And we also need to know something else, Bob, we know- we need to know from the- Mr. Mueller, exactly what his intentions were. Did he intend for us, as a Congress, to look at this and take some type of action or did- or did he- did he feel as if there was truly no collusion or conspiracy? We need to hear that, and then- and then we also need to hear from people like the counsel for the president and see what Mr. McGahn, who was very clearly disobeying the president in many instances and actually by disobeying him, he came to his rescue.


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Trump’s Finances Hold The Answers To A Lot Of Questions

Trump’s finances will help to untangle Trump’s relationship with Russia and other foreign governments, potentially how they have purchased influence with him over the years, and could reveal the degree to which this president is compromised. Trump’s finances are a big puzzle piece that is currently missing. The motivation for this president’s behavior can likely be found in his finances.

Mueller drew Democrats a map. It’s is up to the House majority to find the ill-gotten treasure that Trump’s been hiding.

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