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Dell files a patent for a laptop that can have two detachable displays

Dell has filed a patent in the United States for a new kind of dual-screen laptop. Interestingly, the displays are detachable and you can use up to two displays at once. The diagrams show a device with just one display or with two, so users would have greater flexibility as to how they use their PC.

What’s also interesting is that both screens can face the user, or one screen can be facing outward for presentations. All of the standard Windows settings apply, so you can set it to mirror the screen while presenting, or you can have it extend the display as you would with a traditional dual-monitor setup.

The patent shows that these displays would be connected to the base by clipping onto a bar, and they’ll be secured with what appears to be a wingnut, although it’s described as an adjustable clamp.

New form factors are always somewhat exciting in the world of Windows 10, when just a few years ago, the market was pretty much limited to desktops and clamshell laptops. Obviously, this is just a patent and there’s no telling if the technology will find its way into a real product, but it might be a fun one to see.

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