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Cory Booker’s Excellent Message Gives Trump Reason To Be Scared

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) sees Trump’s weak spot and has developed a message of love and national unity that should keep Trump’s 2020 advisers awake a night.

Sen. Booker said:

What I heard around the country that people in America are losing faith that this nation will work for them. They’re beginning to believe that too many folks are going to get left out or left behind. They begin to believe that the forces tearing us apart or stronger than the force that bonds us together as a people or a country. I am running as president because I want to address these issues. We are a nation and a story of who we are. Everybody is gathered at my front walk here, we are all here because of Americans from different backgrounds and religions and political parties stood together and worked together and fought together to make this country stand for something.

What makes us unique and different is we have folks from all over the planet Earth from eastern Europe to Africa and Asia whose DNA is on this soil and working together, we did things that other people thought impossible. My parent generation knew if we came together, black and American and Jew, we can up Jim crow. There is no Republican or democratic way to get there. You definitely don’t get there by fighting each other and beating each other down, dividing people against we do those things because we found our common ground.


What is interesting about Booker is that he is contrasting himself with Trump via the hopeful message that the president lacks:

Sen. Booker isn’t running just to run. He has a message and an appeal that he wants to make to the American people. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) also rolled out her presidential campaign with an impressive and well thought out message.
Booker’s main problem could end up being making sure that he doesn’t get lost in the shuffle of what could be a massive Democratic primary field. Democrats are committed to doing one thing, and that is ending the presidency of Donald Trump. There are early signs that Democrats are going to go after Trump, not each other. Sen. Booker is a very strong presidential candidate, and Democrats are already looking a talented field of good choices to be their next presidential nominee.

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