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CNN Refused To Show Biden Speech But Gave Trump 3 Hours Of Rally Coverage

CNN refused to carry Joe Biden’s speech about healthcare, but gave Trump 3 hours of live airtime for his Tulsa rally disaster.

Eric Boehlert tweeted:

Boehlert also pointed out that CNN treated Trump’s flop of a Tulsa rally like a major event:

CNN has been pandering and catering to the right for more than a decade now. They were all in on the tea party, even when the far-right couldn’t stand them. CNN has been courting the right, and failing for years, so it is not a surprise that they got down on their knees and groveled to the false god of Trump ratings, because that is exactly what corporate CNN does.

There are great journalists working at CNN, but they are hamstrung by a corporate leadership that has a form of Stockholm Syndrome when it comes to Trump. No matter how much Trump attempts to delegitimize them, the network always gives him more attention.

CNN did it to Hillary Clinton in 2016, and they are doing it to Joe Biden in 2020. However, it may not matter as Biden is delivering while Trump is falling on his face.

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