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Chris Hayes Erupts On GOP Congressman: ‘Get Mexico To Pay For The Wall’ If You Want It So Bad

Chris Hayes destroyed a Republican congressman on Thursday for asking the American people to pay for Donald Trump’s border wall after repeatedly promising that Mexico would fund the project.

During the fiery exchange, the MSNBC host told GOP Rep. Michael Burgess to “get Mexico to pay for the wall if you want a wall so bad. It’s very clear.”

As expected, the Republican congressman had difficulty defending the president’s shutdown over the project, telling Hayes that he supports building a wall first and getting Mexico to pay for it later.

In other words, Mexico isn’t going to pay for the wall.

Video of the heated exchange between Hayes and Rep. Burgess:

Hayes erupted on the Republican lawmaker:

Congressman, you keep asking the American people to pay for something that the president promised them … Congressman, the president said it hundreds of times. I watched him every night at every rally. He said Mexico will pay for the wall. The people in the rally said Mexico will pay for the wall. Everyone cheered. Get Mexico to pay for the wall if you want a wall so bad. It’s very clear.

Not even Republicans can defend Trump’s stupid wall

Republicans are finding it hard to defend Trump’s proposal for a taxpayer-funded border wall because he repeatedly promised that Mexico would pay for it during the campaign.

Now that Trump has abandoned that promise, they are scrambling to adjust their talking points. They now claim that taxpayers should fund the project and Mexico will maybe pay for it at a later date.

All of this comes despite the fact that the American people don’t support the border wall as a policy proposal, and they certainly don’t think it’s worth shutting down the government over.

The Republican refusal to break from Donald Trump shows that they haven’t learned the lessons of the 2018 midterm elections.

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