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Bernie Sanders Dropping Out Triggers A Crazed Trump Meltdown

Trump melted down and claimed that Obama knows a dark secret about Joe Biden, which is why he hasn’t supported him yet during the coronavirus briefing.

Trump said:

Trump said:

Is he dropping out or not? That’s not dropping out. When you keep your delegates, and then you want more delegates before you get to the convention. That’s a weird deal going on there. I don’t know what’s happening. And I don’t know why President Obama hasn’t supported Joe Biden a long time ago. There is something he feels is wrong. Why isn’t — he’ll come out. I’m sure he has to come out at some point because he certainly doesn’t want to see me more for four more years. We think a little bit differently. You know what? I’ll tell you.

It does amaze me that President Obama hasn’t supported sleepy Joe. It just hasn’t happened. When it is going to happen? When is it going to happen? Why isn’t it? He knows something that you don’t know. And I think I know. But you don’t know. So it will be interesting. But with Bernie, I saw his standard fare today, I watched. And I hope that a lot of Bernie Sanders people, just like they did last time, we got a tremendous percentage of Bernie and I think they voted for me largely because of trade. Because Bernie and I agree on trade.


Trump’s entire election strategy was to replay the same campaign as 2016. It is clear that he was counting on Bernie Sanders to divide the Democratic Party heading into the general election. Now that Sen. Sanders has bowed out, and Democrats are already more unified than they were in 2016, Trump is melting down, because he knows that he can’t beat a united Democratic Party.

Everything that Trump was says was complete nonsense, and it is appalling that he would waste the nation’s time on gibberish as Americans are sick and dying from the coronavirus.

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