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Al Gore Slams Trump’s Coronavirus Response: “You Can’t Gaslight a Virus”

Former Vice President Al Gore (D) criticized President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, saying his earlier comments on the comments misled the public and exacerbated an already harsh situation.

“I’m afraid many [Americans] have been misled into thinking that some of his earlier statements about using the word hoax — and he used it in a specialized way — but saying it was going to disappear, those kinds of things, I feel badly for those who believe that stuff and have not been protecting themselves,” Gore said during an appearance on CNN.

“Now, I think the president — to his credit — has been moving away from that. I think he’s learned that you can’t gaslight a virus. You’ve really got to pay attention to what the scientific facts are,” he added.

You can watch footage of Gore’s remarks below.

President Trump has received significant criticism for often contradictory statements on the federal government’s response to the virus.  The pandemic has claimed the lives of at least 3,175 Americans since the first death was recorded on February 29.

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